Me, looking as disappointed as ever

Hello, reader, my name is Sharp Queener and I am, shockingly, the writer of this blog. I am currently a student at Santa Barbara Senior High School, and a member of my schools Multimedia Arts and Design Academy, or MAD for short. If you expect something upbeat and adventurous, I would recommend you leave now. I feel that it should be known from the start that I am an introverted, pessimistic, individual, who spends the majority of his time alone in his home working then out having a social life, like the majority of his peers. My hobbies include doing homework, stressing about homework, wondering if I did enough homework, studying Japanese (don’t worry, I’m not a weeaboo), and doing various mindless activities. I do aspire to become a 3-D modeler and animator, so expect some content on that eventually.


View from outside my room

My hope for this blog is that it offers me a space to write about whatever I see fit, not just on one specific focus. I intend to have at least 3 different categories, each with their own style of writing and tone. Posts under “Worst Day Ever” will feature posts much like a lifestyle blog, but extremely pretentious and overwritten, which each post used as a means of explaining a certain philosophy of mine, posts under “Historical Happenings” will feature various historical events retold in a sarcastic and satirical style, and,¬†finally, posts under, “Political Nonsense,” will contain extremely biased, but fact based, rants on varying conflicts. As long as you don’t take this blog 100% seriously, I think you’ll find it quite interesting.

Lastly, because it’s required by the assignment, Let me know if you have any questions or comments using the form below.