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The Final Countdown:

Nah Nah Nah NaHHHH

Okay I’ll show myself out now

But in all seriousness, its the end of the world as I know it, and I feel fine!

…”seriously sharp, we talked about this, no more freaking music puns, they dont work!”…

…”But.. But”…

…”No But’s, you cringey degen, just get on with the content before you embarrass yourself past the physical bounds of the known universe”…





It’s the final week of blog posts, and I, like many others am totally happy (I’m sure you guys are too, with the depressed rants and all). With the end of Blog Posts, I will finally feel the winding down of the school year firsthand, as almost all real work will cease to exist. But then again, that will mean the.. the… oh dear god…



Sorry everyone, just a short existential… uh… breakdown.

Guess It’s time to say goodbye to my blog posts, and move on with my life, and, you know, actually do something with my life.

What to do… what to do… Hmmmm…

Guess I’ll have to attempt to escape my eternal prison again.


Well at least that eternal ghoul isn’t around anymore, so I guess I can push on, right?

Yep, seems all clear.

I’m actually quite happy to be able to actually do something today as, like I expected, it turns out video games cannot entertain one man for over 100 hours straight. Hopefully now I’ll have some cool content to actually explain, and just elaborate on a single idea until the eventual heat death of the universe.

Well, anywho, Time to get moving and explore some more of the wondrous paradise known as the, “outside.” Hopefully, The current conditions remain, as I have to say, It’s actually nicer out here then in my permanently dim cave, and… oh deary me…

Heh.. Heh…… Oh god…. RUN

Quick! To the emergency exit I just added to this already convoluted plot line in order to move the story forward in an attempt to make me not look like a failure.

Ah yes, the garage, the room no-one goes into unless they want to do something active, so basically, never. Unbeknownst to most this room contains 3 objects most viable for escape, which have been sitting here for over 25 eons, Bikes.

It’s time to skedaddle my good friends…

I’m… I’m actually doing it. Im free…

Everything has led to this moment. After years of stress and pain, locked in an endless cycle of depression and failure, I’ve gripped onto the one ray of light left and made my leave.

Goodbye, my dear friends.

Okay… Didn’t think I  would get scammed by communists this time, but fine.

It truly is the end of the line dear readers. There’s no point in continuing this ode to teenage angst If I can actually do something with my life.

Ahead of me is the open road, and what’s down it, nobody knows.