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I’ve officially run out of ideas.

To be fair, we all saw this coming (I mean just look at a few of my last posts, dear god…), and now with the completion of the peru saga as well as all AP tests, I have nothing. Of course I only have 6 more weeks of this to suffer through, so that’s a plus, I assume.

So welcome to a new, and final category of posts, titled appropriately, “Sharp’s End of the Year Running out of Ideas Bonanza!”

Okay look, I’m not really that creative.

Anywho, I’ve realized that currently, I’m experiencing complete purposelessness. This is mainly due to what my schedule this year has been. Basically, when it comes to school, I’m a complete overachiever, which one can likely blame on my isolated silicon valley upbringing. This year I took three AP level Classes, Biology, World History, and Japanese (again, do not worry, I’m not a filthy weeb), and every night I would work from around 5pm-12am in order to keep my current GPA. Now that’s all well and fine, and good for me for putting merit in my work, but when suddenly, with a month of school left to go, all of your heavy hitter classes cease to exist, the existentialism sinks in. My classmates, on the other hand, are likely enjoying their release from stress, like normal functioning human beings (how dare they!?), but for me, when the work ceases, and I actually have to deal with myself, the existential dread sets in.

Now once I get home from school I find myself with way, way, and I mean way too much time to myself. In the world of homework induced stress I was able to convince myself that it was fine to just do work and then relax with youtube and gaming for a few hours a week, but now that I have no work, It feels wrong for me to spend times doing those things. People say to go back to your hobbies, but the problem is, over a year of this cycle, working all day and playing games on the weekend have become my hobbies.

Moving on, as my boy Bill Wurtz says, I’m…

Or not. Turns out I’m past the required word limit set by my teacher, sooooo, gg boys ez content.

Let me just throw in some random images and call it a day!

And Bing BaDa Boom I’m done, Peace!






No. I can’t do this anymore. I…


I can’t just sit here, putting in minimal effort and cranking our garbage. I’ve got the determination, gosh darn it. I got to do something, anything.

I’m going to do it, I’m going to stand up for what’s right and go outside and get the content you people deserve.

To the outside!

For months I’ve been locked in this desolate cell, slaving away at mountains of work, hiding beneath hours of games and videos, trying at all to stay afloat in a sea of self-induced stress. But No longer! Today, I will head out of the strange safeness of this hell heap into the unknown.  Who knows what creatures we will find, what new situations we will uncover, and even, along the way, be forced into actual social interaction (Anything but…)

Come on. Deep Breaths now, Deep Breaths. We’ve almost made it, just a few more ounces of effort and I’ll be free.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the goose has landed, I repeat, the goose has landed.

It’s a miracle, fellow viewers, all those memes, all those dreams, they all culminated in this one moment. I want to thank the academy with this highlight video of all the goods times that came in the creation of this moment.

Oh… Okay, looked like I got scammed.

Nonetheless, It turns out that the outside world is pretty nice I’ve gotta say. Its not really all that bad.

Yah know, I’ve decided that there will be no more woe is me kinda garbage, from now on I will venture forth, into new landscapes, claiming them for the glory of…. wait wait, what?

No-one told me the outside world would have spooky animals, this was not on the brochure?! What kinda garbo trash am I witnessing? None of my calculations led to this outcome. You know what, that’s it, I’m outta here.

Now come on sharp, you gave a whole big speech about your future glory and you do this? We gotta get out there and show were not a utter degen.

Yeah, your probably right interior voice that I didn’t just come up with because I had more photos I wanted to fit in the narrative. I should go back out. Besides that eater of worlds has likely skedaddled on out by now.

Well it seems all clear. Time to get back to some narcissistic interior gloating.

And thus sharp, after outwitting the vile beast, returned to the promised world of the outside, preparing his holy conquest of the fields of content, and… oh come on…

Can’t you do anything right?

Okay wow other internal voice I also made up for failed comedic effect, way to be a jerk. What you expect me to do with my life? actually accomplish things? seems like you’ve got the wrong sharp.

And besides that, uh, thing, was back.

I think its best for all parties if we just refrain from our attempts of freedom for, let us say, another week?

In the meantime I should likely find some sort of way to protect myself from the… oh this will work wonderfully.


And thus ends this week’s post.

I know it was a bit different from posts from weeks prior but, hey, at least its not incessant depressed rumbling. And I do apologize for the strong start and then a quick death, because, as I said, I’m truly not that creative.