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Oh boy oh boy oh boy! Its everyone’s favorite time of week as Sharp is sitting down to write a 2000 word rambley mess like he always does. One would begin to think that sharp is sick of this, and would love nothing more then to blow his own head off instead of continuing this garbage, and they would correct! Alas, it turns out there’s this thing called “graded assignments” which forever drag him away from the light of day and into the world of work.

Moving on to the content, this week I will be continuing my never ending sprawl about Peru (come on sharp, only 4 more posts to go). Due to our hiking escapades the other day, I awoke sore, not really wanting to do anything. But, I was soon dragged out of bed by my father, the supposed, “Go Get Em” champ, who claimed we had things to do, which while true, was not a great motivation.

Anywho, I dragged myself out of bed, had a another disappointing breakfast, and hoped into the car to head on today’s adventure, ATVing. Now, well things like ATVs and ziplines are most definitely prime stereotypes of uncultured tourism, they can be really fun regardless of where in the world you are.

When we arrived at the area for ATVing we found out that this place hosted all sorts of extreme activities like ziplines and white water rafting, which all had dozens of people prepped to go, and yet only my Father and I were going ATVing.

We got ourselves suited up with their included equipment of gloves, goggles, and helmets, and went out to meet our guide and his furry companion, moji.

Soon enough we had hopped on our ATV’s and headed out to enjoy the sites of the sacred valley. Moji, the aforementioned dog, ran with the ATV’s the entire time, something completely surprising for a small dog at altitudes of over 10,000 feet. As our guide would later tell us, he runs the trail twice a week and then sleeps at home for the remainder!

Our ride started with us having to hug the side of the street as we made our way to the bridge that would take us off the paved roads. This was arguable the worst part of the ride, but hey, it was to be expected. Once we reached the bridge we took a quick photo-op and then moved on.

After passing the bridge we traveled a short distance forward before we were stopped by an incoming train, forcing us to wait a bit longer to start the main event. However it was here that our guide pointed out something very interesting, the sky lodges 

Those four tiny shacks built into the side of a cliff are actually a hotel and restaurant, reached exclusively through mountain climbing and descended from by ziplining. While I do like a bit of an adrenaline rush, I’m not enough of a junkie to ever say that looks fun. Shortly thereafter, the train left and we blasted off.

My favorite part of the ride was undoubtedly the reactions of the dogs in the villages we passed through. They would bark at us, and try to chase after our ATVs which I found quite funny simply because every dog there was a really small breed. So basically, just imagine being chased by approximately 26 chihuahuas while you ride a bike.

After around a half hour of riding, we came to a stop in front of a small unmarked inca ruin, one of many in peru, and climbed to the top in order to get some good views.

We hopped back on and stopped to turn around shortly after passing another pair of ruins.

I was worried that we had already finished our ATV adventures and was disappointed that our ride would only last 45 minutes, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that their was more. As we reached the start, we turned away from the bridge, and instead, headed towards the mountains.

It was on this mountainside ride that we witnessed the only screw up of this day, me driving off the rode into the bushes. Now, like the irresponsible degenerate I am, I will present an excuse, that albeit unreasonable, will attempt to accurate explain why I drove directly the beaten path in the grass.

As we traveled out of the small towns of the valley into the highlands of the mountain, we encountered an increasing amount of dreaded bugs. Now, I dont really care about a few flies or moths or whatnot, but the bug that caused me to go careening into parts unknown was freaking huge. It was undoubtedly the largest fly I had ever seen, and even while I was moving at 25 mph, it somehow was able to latch onto my leg. It looked slimy, like it was about to burst, so of course, I tried to get that garbage off of me.

Regardless, It still happened, so, ehhhhhhhhh.

Anywho, shortly thereafter we finally reached the end of our ride, and after quick photo op, rode back to where we started and bid farewell to our guide and his doggo Moji.

I spent the next few hours lounging around the hotel, and I planned to spend the rest of the day the same way, but I was once again dragged out of my R&R by my parents to go to lunch at this local place recommended by the hotel known as Poka Poka. And, like the ATVing, it seemed this was another good choice

As you can see above, the restaurant was very cutesy and bright, and while we were the only ones there, we were immediately enchanted by every little detail. As I would soon find out, this decor was not just a facade, like the Belmond, but instead had food to match. I ordered croquettes, as I was in the mood for some fried goodness, and something that I thought was completely unexpected to be seen here in the middle of peru, Chinese Shrimp and tenderloin Stir Fry.

Albeit simplistic, the croquettes were warm, soft, and delicious, containing chicken, beef, and pork. I felt like It was exactly what I was expecting, nothing more, but luckily, nothing less. Very satisfying nonetheless.

Moving onto the main course, the chinese stirfry. This was actually remarkable as there was no way I was expecting something nearly this good. The shrimp tasted fresh and the beef was cooked to perfection.

After that satisfying meal, I returned back to the hotel and returned to my state of chill until we headed out for dinner.

Our dinner was nothing special and was at a local, apparently more hoity-toity, hotel. I dont remember much of it, likely because of the thrill that would be our next day, our adventures in Machu Picchu.