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Hello dear readers, that is all -1 of you (looking at you scam bot!), today I will offering something a bit different from your regular expected content. This weeks post will likely be extremely short and very photocentric, the exact opposite of everything else of this waste of potential of a website. This is because I will be gone from the 15th to the 19th of march on a trip, so I’m trying to push this post through as fast as possible.

Last weekend, like many weekends before it, I was once again forced against my will to leave the comforts of my room in order to do actual activities, as apparently 15 year old’s aren’t supposed to spend their days hiding from their overwhelming self hatred (who would have thought!). This time they said that I needed to come with them on a hike, which isn’t really a terrible thing to do, but it often hard to get hyped for it. “Oh boy, I can’t wait to walk in 80 degree weather for three hours with limited supplies of water,” said no-one, ever. However you get to look at nature and stuff, so I guess that cool.

As with any other post taking place in Santa Barbara, the first event of any day is analytical piece on the view outside my room.

As the photo shows, this morning turned out to be lot more bright and cherry then some of those prior. It just exclaims, “go out and get em champ,” which is a nice change from the winter sky of, “close the blinds and give up, today is not your day and if you try to make it your day, well, then you’ll be a colossal failure, won’t ya bud!”

Any-who, I quickly ate a bowl of cereal, the most bland part way to start a day, but also for some reason my favorite.  I was then forced into the car and we headed for Seven Falls, a place I have never been.

It was there that we made our first inconvenience, parking. It seems that Seven Falls is extremely popular, much more then one would expect for a hiking trail. It turns out that the place we parked turned out to be half a mile from where the trail starts, but after 10 minutes of growling and groveling, because walking on a paved road is not exactly what you think off when you say hiking, we arrived at the trailhead.

The rest of the hike was actually quite enjoyable, mainly because I was able to bring headphones to listen to my terrible 80’s music while we walked. The rest of the hike was just as photogenic as you see above. As the title mentions, I believe that this hike was a strange occurrence because nothing that happened was really substantial enough for me to complain about it, as the Queener Trademark, screwing  up, was not present during this hike.

After continuing down the paved part of the trail, we arrived at a little bridge. Most interestingly below the bridge was quite a sight, especially for Santa Barbara, running water.

Shortly afterward, the paved road transitioned into the traditional dirt paths one would expect from a hiking trip and we were on our way. As it turns out, the titled seven falls that the place is named after aren’t actually that far from there, as after only a few minutes of hiking we had arrived.We the continued on towards inspiration point, which was a distance far more substantial then how far we had traveled.

The hike was really nice, but I had no idea what the peak would offer that would differ from these already beautiful scenes. However, when we did reach inspiration point, it truly was inspiring.

While I was taking in the views, my father, apparently, was not very impressed.

A few moments later, we were on our way back down, and after 45 more minutes, we arrived back at our car.

Let me know of any cool hike trails or places to go in the comments below, mainly because I’m running out of things to complain about.