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Last weekend was quite an interesting one, as it featured a couple of things uncommon in my life. These things are social events or any real social interaction, and an actual adventure, something extremely common in the majority of basic and uninteresting blogs.

I had come up with a general plan for the following day a few days prior, with the idea being that we would go get haircuts and then go for a bike ride up to Mountain drive. While that sounds extremely uneventful, normal, and boring, in the life of Sharp, it’s no easy task, as there will, of course, be sidetracks and issues every turn of the way.

At around 7 am on Saturday, I was quite rudely awoken by my parents, disturbing me from my much-needed rest from the trials and tribulations of the school world. Their reasoning behind this uncalled for inquisition was to inquire whether not I wished to accompany them to my sister’s mock trial conference. While I knew she worked extremely hard for this conference, I remained my normal narcissistic self and thus decided to go back to sleep.

As I rose the second time, I felt alto more energized and, following with the norm, took a glance out my window.20170225_103951

It was not as bright and cheerful as one would have hoped, but at least there was some light present through the dense clouds. In typical Sharp fashion, I then began to veg out on my computer for approximately 2-3 hours, as I wouldn’t be able to do anything until 11ish when my father got out of my sister’s conference. I was enjoying the much-needed relaxation from the stress every constant in my mind, slowly eating away all forms of sanity, but like most good things in life, it would not last.

At around 9 am, I received a text out of the blue from my father, who alerted me that I had a meeting with my private college counselor at 11. Now that is all fine and dandy, but the issue is that I live up on the riviera, meaning that it’s not immediately easy for me to get downtown and back quickly, and my parents were both too preoccupied watching my sister for once having her skills of being extremely stubborn and condescending actually come to use as a defense attorney. So I had to do one of least favorite things in this world besides living, and accepting that my attitude alone is the source of all my problems, taking an Uber. Ah Uber, just hearing makes my body shake with awkwardness because when I want to get somewhere fast, I totally also want to listen to your bad 90’s Russian synth pop and be forced to proceed with extremely cringey small talk.

Nonetheless, I took an uber, and while I hated every second of it, arrived at my destination promptly. My talk with Stacy, the aforementioned college counselor was short and actual quite helpful as we discussed courses for next year and possibilities of summer programs on various topics of interest, such as traveling to japan to help with my fluency, or taking some courses online and at CC. Afterward, I called my father to see if he could pick me up so I could proceed with the day’s plan. After he said he would come get me, a few minutes later he called me back and asked me to walk what was apparently a “short distance” (actually 8 blocks) to meet him at the barber shop. After some explanation, and some sighing on my father’s part he agreed to put in that extra smooch of effort and pick me up.

Usually, we go to Santa Barbara Barbers for haircuts, but this time my father said we should go check out Wolf’s Head on state, as he had gone there for his last haircut and said I would like it, and upon first impressions, it seemed he would be right.20170225_12191520170225_121153Wolf’s head had that very hipstery feel, as most barber shops do these days, and a lot of funky decorations that gave its very cliche rustic style. However, it was not some kind of crazy overdone intimidating hipster place, instead, one that definitely felt more warm and welcoming.

Now I definitely wanted to get this haircut, mainly because the lacrosse season is starting this week and I want to get rid of the mop that is my head so that I can actually see out of my helmet, but also because I realized it was time to stop looking like some sort of cringey edgelord.


It’s Not a Phase, Mom!

I do regret not learning my Barber’s name, as she gave me one of the most precise, but also the longest haircut in my life. All of the edges looked as if they were machine cuts, and there were seriously moments where she would hold a clump of my hair and wait a few moments before cutting to make sure it would be perfect. In the end, my hair had been reduced back to a presentable size and turned out quite well. 20170225_130958

With the hair business done, I took a quick break by going to what is undoubtedly my favorite restaurant in SB, and one I eat at least once a week, Hana Kitchen.20170225_131557Recently Hana Kitchen has moved from their old Hailey street location to a spot that used to be used by a Fish and Chips place. It’s a lot larger than their last location and, while it hasn’t been as decorated yet it leaves them with more room to expand.20170225_131606

I got what I usually get, a regular chicken bowl and a black milk tea, and like always it was extremely good and filling, even for a pessimist like myself.


Then, we returned home and after a quick break for mindless activities (can never get enough of those can you Sharp!), we hopped on our bikes and made our way to Mountain drive. The original idea was to drive there and then begin our ride, but with my father being the definition of, “screw it,” we decided to bike there.

And, oh boy, was that a mistake.


Realizing our insolence

the part of mountain drive we like to run and bike on is usually slightly slanted or flat, but this, this was not flat at all. It was a constant uphill, not one that was steep enough that you should walk up it, but also not flat enough that it’s not that hard. I spent the majority of this part of the ride like this:


The Gear of Champions

However I couldn’t be any more excited for once we got there, as I realized just how far up mountain drive is from my house, meaning that once we start heading back down we can just fly. And after a lot of effort, we made it to where we wanted to be.


All Hail Mountain Drive!

Shortly after we began to just cruise completely carefree, stopping only occasionally for some the most unbeatable sights in all of Santa Barbara, even though the sun decided to hide during the one day I need him most.20170225_161637

Of course, we also stopped for one other thing. One of the wackiest and most recluse spots in Santa Barbara, Theodore R. Gardener’s Hermitage. Blocked off from public access, this huge property is filled with sculptures, art, and wacky architecture, with the most immediate thing being his art gallery, designed to interpret all of the books he’s written stacked on their sides.20170225_16115120170225_161308

Sadly, Mr. Gardener refuses to open his gallery to public access until after his death, but until then, everything that you can see from over the fence will surely peak your interest. I won’t explain further, mainly to save space, and so that one of my colleagues can give you a half done 300-word description of it sometime in the future for a quick grade, but, regardless,  feel free to enjoy the few images I have.20170225_161301


The Golden Gate Bridge!?

Shortly afterward, we reached my favorite time on any mountainous bike ride, heading back down. We turned off mountain drive and, to put it simply, hopped on and began to fly.


Getting ready to blast

Once we reached the bottom of the hill we checked where we had to go to get home from here and google recommended us two routes. Now being the mistake makers we are, we chose the one that seemed the most linear in hopes that it would be relatively flat.

And once again, we were very, very wrong.

For the next 40 minutes, we walked, not biked, up against a steep hill, not turning back to take the other route, because some part of us kept thinking that the hill would end at each and every turn. As it turns out, we were climbing up the side of a mountain in order to reach our house on the opposite side of the mountain.

However, one good thing did come out of this decision, the views.20170225_16560920170225_165603

And soon enough, this day was drawing to an end. While an equally as interesting event occurred the next day, I think with this current length, it is best to leave that for another time.

Have you guys ever had a day in which you felt as if you had accomplished something at the end? Let me know in the comments below.