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This post is a bit unique as I will be writing each day of my ski trip as a different post. Because of this, I will include Links to the other parts of this story below once they are added.

Before this long story gets underway I think it is fair to make one thing known, I am a snowboarder. Now before you go into epileptic shock while murmuring, “BUT MEH SNU,” one should also acknowledge that I am a snowboarder who actually knows how to turn in the same arcs as a skier, instead of the majority, who literally slide down the entire mountain on one side, with the leg strength of gods I assume,  and then say the run is awesome.

Regardless, it is best that I stop stalling in an attempt to lower the amount of words needed, and get on with the actual story.

Last Thursday, the second that 4th period ended, I walked to the flagpole here at SBHS to find my father and my sister in a fully stocked car, ready to get on to the long drive to the airport. It was as I stepped into the car that the first misfortune of this trip occurred. I asked my father if he had grabbed my backpack which I had stacked with games, chargers, headphones, and homework, which I needed to accomplish while we were away so that I did not fail. However, as it is blatantly obvious, my father, in fact, did not bring me my backpack. As I later learned, the main thing that had preoccupied my father so much so that he forgot the ever-important carrier of stuff and things was, unsurprisingly, my sister. As it turns out, my sister, who had been told two weeks ago to begin packing for this ski trip, had not done a single thing, even though she constantly told my father she would pack. My father, completely displeased with her irresponsible behavior, said he would have to pack for her, but my sister doesn’t trust anyone with her clothes, so she decided to only attend 2nd period of Thursday and then rush home to pack. However even with ample time my sister spent the multiple hours worrying less about preparing for freezing weather and more about how fashionable she would look.

Moving on, after about an hour and 15 minutes in the car, we arrived at Burbank Bop Hope Airport.20170216_144413Every since we began coming to this airport, I have always preferred it over LAX. Its much smaller, more quaint, and also it doesn’t take bloody forever to get there. After passing through the non existent line or security we went to the gate and boarded the plane, which was luckily not delayed, and began our flight towards Salt lake City, Utah. 20170216_145711The flight, like most, was completely uneventful. Not like that is a bad thing, in fact I hope every flight I take is uneventful. My reasoning is that the only times a flight has something significant occur is either some strange moment in a romantic comedy when the washed up protagonist meets the girl of his dreams in some weird seat change mixup, or because the engines have failed or the plane has stalled and you crash into the south pacific realizing you’ve truly accomplished nothing with your life. The only thing that did occur on this flight was the perfect opportunity to get a picture of the sun setting over the cloudline, which would have been a great photo to be used for this weeks instagram post. However due to my shoddy timing, by the time I had my camera out and had it focused on the sky instead of the window itself, (because yes, camera, I want to take a photo of the scratched up window, not the actual beautiful sight past it) the sun had already dropped too far down and I got the gloomy photo seen on my instagram.

Man, what a beautiful window!

Man, what a beautiful window!

After arriving at the airport, we met up with my sisters friend, Shelby, and her father, Joe, whose plan had landed at around the same time. After those extremely tenseful minutes at the oversized bags area, where ones mind wanders to the most terrible of places, assuming the worst for your poor innocent snowboard, my board and I were reunited, and the entire group was able to get into our rental car and take off towards our destination, Solitude Mountain Resort. I must apologize for the lack of the photos during this segment of the trip, as I spent most of it trying to get past 45 minutes of unskippable dialogue in the game I was playing during the plane ride. Now I would just usually wait to resume my game once we reached the car, but my 3DS was blinking red, a terrible sign, and there was no option to save in the middle of the dialogue, and even worse sign. I did however, get a good moment out of the game, so have your feeble minds enjoy that in the lack of a better photo.

She Didn't Ask for This!

She Didn’t Ask for This!

Solitude in solitude

Solitude in solitude

With the travel day winding to a close, only one main thing was on all of our minds, FOOD. Now, just like any other story told by sharp, came another blunder. By the time we reached the area around Solitude, we discovered that the name, in fact, was not a gimmick, and the area had been called Solitude because, well, it was pretty much in solitude. When we checked our phones to find somewhere to eat, we discovered all but 5 restaurants and none of them were open. Starting to crash from the lack of food, I honestly just wanted to get to our lodge and fall asleep, but luckily we were able to find somewhere that would take us, the pub at the nearby, more public mountain, Brighton. However once we got there even that seemed hopeless, as after 9 pm the pub transformed into a 21 or over bar. Needless to say, I was even less hopeful of us getting and sustenance before we got on the mountain tomorrow.


The condo

However, the dudes over at the pub turned out to be really nice and seated us downstairs in the now empty, “family eating room,” and were able to hook us up with some pizzas. Now due to the aforementioned crashing due to lack of food, by the time I remembered that this blog did indeed exist, and that, I really really needed photos for it, we had already arrived at our lodge. The condo we were staying in was quite small for the 7 people it would hold, but any shelter is better than no shelter. Sufficiently tired from the traveling and all the small things that got in our way, we all flopped onto the couches and began to do America’s second favorite pastime, watching mindless television. With this came extreme fortune from the television gods, the people staying here prior had left their netflix logged in, saving us the hassle of trying to remember our own account info (Thanks Deborah!). Soon, we were roaring through terrible netflix stand up comedy specials and late night television, which would be the only constant in this trip.

To be continued.

Also, if you would like let me know about what you did during your president’s day weekend or anything related to skiing or snowboarding, drop a comment, mainly because I’m not sure anyone actually reads these things.